Family Portraits

I didn't grow up getting regular family portraits. We were more of a “hey, grab that camera a take a photo real quick” kind of family. And I love nothing more than going through those photos!!

With cell phones, there are plenty of opportunities for those quick photos.

But what about those times when you feel like a moment needs something more?

There are times when we need to take some time and thoughtfully plan out a way to capture the great sweetness that is you and your family! Taking the time to capture an intentional family photo will be one of those things that only increases in value as the years go on. I can promise you that!

When I look through photos from when my family was first growing, I can honestly say that I have never wished for less photos.

If you are at that point where you know you need something more than “grab that camera real quick” kind of photos, I would love to talk about the personalized photography services I can offer.