Portrait Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized portrait photography is a new experience for many people.

It's okay to ask a lot of questions.... that’s what I’m here for!! I hope to answer some of them here, but if not, please reach out and I’d love to chat!

How much do professional portraits cost with you?

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it is a memory" - Dr Suess

Some clients are in need of just the basics and get what they need with the entry level $450 collection. I’ve also had clients want to redecorate their home and choose the décor to match their new portrait wall art!

Average client investment on a portrait experience with ACP is $1000. In my experience the heart behind why someone wants a portrait session is the same whether the investment is $450 or $4,000.

Whatever the reason behind your desire for professional photography services, I am here to help listen to your need and figure out how to create it for you!

Every client has different needs so I would love to opportunity to hear those and create a custom quote for you. I also believe that price should never be a reason not to have epic portraits, so I offer payment plans for any who are interested.

What do I/we wear for my portrait session?

- Clothing choice is going to be unique to you and your style. I would recommend you go with an outfit you have worm before and felt great in. The goal is to feel comfortable and like YOU so I can capture that spark you have when feeling top-notch. I also advise to limit the number of outfits you bring on shoot day. Too many choices can lead to lost shooting time and drastically less images in the end. And no one wants less images!!!

Do you offer professional hair and makeup services?

YES! I have not met many people that are 100% comfortable in front of the camera right off the bat. Usually, it takes a bit to get comfortable with a camera pointed at you. One great way to add a touch of extra awesome to your experience, is to treat yourself to professional hair and makeup. Not only does it give you a little extra pep in you step, but it really helps with images captured. Makeup artist are fantastic at using their special skills and techniques to help photographers capture high-quality close-up portraits that have you looking stellar. I will always vote YES for professional hair and makeup! I have two wonderful ladies I can help with this service, just ask!

How far in advance should I book a session?

At least 4-6 weeks out. I have made a personal promise to myself and my family that they come first. So, I limit the number of sessions I do in a month. It’s a win-win really!! I take a very limited number of clients a month and that allows me to have one on one time with each client and really get to know you and your family. That ensures on shoot day, we have a great flow to your session which produces the imagery you can feel big feels for years to come. And then I can dedicate post-processing time to just your images and focus on each client, one at a time. When you made the decision to have professional portraits done, I also made the decision to take the time and care to create the highest quality of work possible... these images aren't just pictures to me, they are a lifetime of memories in a tangible item. That's no small thing in my opinion.

I saw this on Pinterest, can we do the same thing?

First, I love the enthusiasm!! I absolutely love Pinterest! I find it is a great way to gain inspiration. Once you have browsed and pinned to your heart content…. the next step is to apply that inspiration to yourself. Our goal is to capture what inspires you….What is that thing that keeps you going every day? When you are feeling most connected to your family, what are you all doing and where are you at? Once you start asking yourself questions based off of the initial Pinterest finds… that’s where we strike gold! So bring me all the Pins and we will brainstorm how we can make it uniquely you.

Do you have a referral program?

YES! That is about the only way my name gets around. You can read all about my desire for personal referrals over any other method of advertising over on my blog. But for quick information’s sake, you can receive print credit when a referral books me as a thank you and that new client also gets a little sumthin, sumthin!

So, the photo session is done, now what?

It will take me about 7-10 days to do my full editing process. I want to look over all the images closely and create portraits that will make you stop in your hallway just to marvel for a bit. Once I have your images edited to my slightly OCD’s liking… Ill contact you to set up how you would like to view your gallery. Whether that be a zoom call or a meeting over coffee, you will be able to view your images and think about how you want to display your beautiful portraits.

Can we have an online gallery for viewing our images and look when we have time?

I am a mother of 4 and know all too well how life pulls each of us in a million directions. I am also going to make a confession. I, as a professional photographer, have lost digital images. Like the forever, gone, poof kind of lost the images! I was, and still am, heartbroken. There are not enough adjectives to describe the feeling!

My point, I would be leaving my job half done if I give you an online gallery of images and just left you to figure out the rest. Looking through dozens of images to narrow down to your favorites and why they are your favorite is no simple task. There is a science to why you are drawn to one pose versus another, or why you like the way one image looks and not the other, or why "that one picture looks weird, but why".... that's why you have me! When we dedicate a small amount of time to viewing your images together, it's my pleasure to help you finish the experience you paid me for and see it through to the end. The end, in my opinion, is leaving you with a tangible something you can enjoy on a daily basis, whatever that may be. That looks different for everyone! Which is why I too ask a lot of questions, so I can provide just want you need.

Why do people get professional portraits done?

Why do some people keep their grandmothers' pearls, or their grandfather's baseball glove? Because family is everything and we take care of the things and people we love most. Everyone has a different method of showing and receiving love, just as we all have different ways of preserving our most precious memories. Some just happen to use photography as a way to keep their memories forever frozen.

I am a big believer in the power of a photograph! I have stopped in my hallway on my way to do something, just to look through my family album. I have spent an extended few more moments on the stairway just looking at decades of memories fixed on my wall. I have stood outside my husband's office door listening to our girls flip through old photo albums of when they were babies, giggling and talking about "remember when....". And I have gifted albums and prints to family members and get to watch as they too sit and remember. That is powerful. That is why I do what I do. And that is why I do it to the best of my ability and I will always keep learning the best ways to preserve these memories for anyone who God places in my path.