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  • Ashley Cooke

Teaching Photography to Teens | Professional Photographer in Bulverde, Tx

Over my 15 year career in the photography industry, I have been the student many times. Every year I select a continuing education class, mostly in-person learning, to grow my craft and push my creativity. So the role of student comes easy and I welcome it!

The role of teacher though, totally new! I was asked by a local private school to teach a basic photography class to high school and middle school. First response, YES! Oh, absolutely YES! How fun! So I spent time prepping over the last summer, thinking about what I would want to learn if I was back in school, or wish I learned early on in my journey, and what projects would be fun.

The project I had the best time with, and got the most engagement, was the punch through backdrop. I brought in my studio lights and a blue paper seamless backdrop. I had carefully slit sections in the paper to create a hole in big enough to fit a couple of kids. I went in early to set it up since we only have 90 minutes of class time. I wanted them to spend as much time as possible having fun!

The images we got were so cute!!!

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