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  • Ashley Cooke

Senior Pictures - In Studio In Nature Or Both

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Bulverde, Tx Professional Photographer


It’s time to start planning your High School Senior portrait session! But where to start?

Here, in the Hill Country of Texas, the options are unlimited. Some of my favorite places to photograph high school seniors is the river, Gruene, The Pearl, and the unlimited greenery we have in the New Braunfels - Bulverde - Boerne area.

I suggest thinking of what you like to do, your favorite outfit, what is your idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon.... and that will get you on the right track for creating images that proudly show who you are at this stage of your life.

In 10 or 20 years, you want to be able to rummage through a bin full of memorabilia (and photographs) that pull you back to special times. Your senior portrait should be more than just a headshot. Your photos should speak volumes about who you are at the end of your high school career!

I offer senior portrait sessions that include both studio headshots and environmental portraits. Starting your session within the studio will allow for any nerves to be worked out. We all become very aware of ourselves when a camera is around...we adjust out outfit, fix our hair and become quite stiff. Trust me, that’s a universal thing... even models can get camera shy. It’s my job as your photographer to help work through that hyper-self-aware period. I want to help you feel comfortable in those moments where you are vulnerable and with that comfort comes amazing expressions and personality and I am there to capture it.

Once we nail some pretty stellar headshot you will be proud to put on a resume, application, or social account... we move to the great outdoors! Before your session day, we will have had several conversations brainstorming all the details of your shoot: your interests, your style, your favorite places and things to do. So, with that planning in mind, we will head to our location of choice to capture more unique portraits.

In the end, the goal is to have one-of-a-kind images of you and your loved ones. Images you can enjoy and enjoy sharing. To get to that end goal, there are a few steps I like to walk through in order for me to successfully capture beautiful photographs. I send out a quick survey to get a glimpse at your general portrait need so I can plan our next step. We will have dialogue back and forth to determine which of my services will fit your need and come up with a plan to ultimately give you some kickass images! Once you are in love with your photographs, I will help you determine the best way to enjoy them based on your lifestyle. Not everyone wants big wall prints, not everyone sees the use in a folio box or album.... I will help narrow down all the options according to your end goal to give you the perfect product to showcase your portraits.

There are many truly talented photographers you will meet during your planning stage. Many will have amazing skill and can provide you with quality work. But in the end, I hope your photographer of choice has added value to your day. My hope for you is to have something tangible of true value at the end of your photographic experience that you can look back on and be proud you did.

I would love to help come up with some fun ideas to capture your style, your personality, and your awesomeness!

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