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  • Ashley Cooke

Moving Past Fear of Failure

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Texas Hill Country Photographer | Bulverde, Texas

Do you have a goal? Are you terrified of failing?

Yeah, me too!!!!

I believe we all have the capacity to dream big dreams. However, it's up to you to take a step towards making that dream become a reality. I believe most people think "one day....", but that thought stops there. Taking actionable steps to make that one-day-dream come to life is terrifying! At least to me it is!

I am a photographer down to the core of my being, and always have been. With my first film camera as a young kid, I would be awestruck when I looked through the viewfinder. It was my own little world! When I decided to pursue photography in college, I had no clue how I would turn photography into income. However, I did know there was no other option for me. I absolutely loved photography and would figure it out. I landed a job in a photography studio just outside of Corpus Christi, Texas working as an assistant to one of the most sought after photographers in south Texas. I was so excited!! That is when my dreaming really started. Shout out to Kelly for being so incredible!!

Life happens though, doesn't it? Life pulls us in every directions, every day. Real world responsibilities take us further from our aspirations and makes our dreams become fuzzy until you forget what it was all together.

One day I was asked "Ashley, what do you want?" by someone closest to me. I was stumped by this question. When I stopped to think about what I wanted, I couldn't answer. I was so scared of saying aloud what I truly wished for because deep down I knew that reaching this goal was up to me and I wasn't sure I was capable. What if I royally screw up? What if? What if? Wouldn't that be terrible!?

Then, I asked myself "what would happen if I don't ever try?" What if I keep this dream to myself...well, that way I can't fail and I can just keep dreaming about it. BUT, what good would that do for me? If I feel so strongly about this dream and I am passionate it will be amazing, and I don't at least try... I would rob myself, my loved ones and countless others I haven't even met yet of this amazing thing.

When evaluating the pros and cons to anything, if the con list is crazy long then maybe staying in the dreaming phase is a good thing. BUT, when the pro list is the longest and you are still scared maybe it's time to look yourself in the mirror and buck up buttercup!! Pray about it, listen, then move on it!

So, I made a decision.

I was going to finally say aloud what my dream was all about! No matter how big and insane it sounded, I was at least going to speak it out into the universe and take that first step.

Ya know... I've been told that it's possible to manifest things into reality! And that's the big first step!!


As a kid we are told to "start your day with a healthy meal" because it's good for your body to be fueled with good foods right off the bat. SO, I believe we should start anything off with that attitude in mind. When we start something new, having positive thoughts and attitude starts us off with an extra oomph! With a slice of cake and chocolate milk as your breakfast, you probably won't last long before you crash. If you start your day off with a fruit smoothie, then I bet you'll be ready to demolish that to-do list.

I can do this!

This will be hard, but I can ask for help.

I may have setbacks, but I will figure it out.

I am capable.

I am willing.

I trust God.

I can do all things with Christ.

So, I will.

My prayer for you and me, is to look for those opportunities that push us just a tad out of our comfort zone. Take that scary first step because that step may lead you to something fantastic! When you are thinking "yes, I can do this" and everyday choose to look for the good and everyday giving your best.... good things will come!

If you are curious what my big, crazy dream is.... I'll let the cat outta the bag soon! Stay tuned!



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