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  • Ashley Cooke

Fall Family Photos in the Texas Hill Country

Portrait Photographer Near San Antonio, Texas

What to expect from a family photo session....

It will soon be that time of year again!! When mothers all around Texas gather matching outfits for their minions and picks one lucky photographer to capture their crazy crew in a gorgeous family photo!

It's also the time when family photographers are eagerly planning locations, themes, fun games that make big smiles, and talking points for kids and teens to keep them engaged. A photographers job is a well rounded effort to capture the best and most flattering light, interesting composition, flattering posing, and emotional connection between family members. When I get questions about what to expect at a family photo session, I typically encourage the curious that each family session is as different as each sibling in a family and what to expect directly reflects your crews personalities. If you guys are quiet and mild mannered, then you can expect a session to be easy going. If your crew is a bold and opinionated bunch that like adventures, then expect us to embark on said adventure and we will capture images that reflect that oomph.

Yes, we will capture posed family photos where everyone's face is shown. Even if you love the fun lifestyle photos... having a classic family photo is a great cornerstone to a family session. And yes, we will also capture interactive shots that show your family's connection. Whether you have small kids and we can play a game, or you have older kids and we can have more of a conversation... capturing those moments of true personality is the ultimate goal of a family photo session with Amamus Photo and Film.

Getting to know you guys is helpful to me in planning where and when your session will happen and how I can prepare to create images that you'll be proud to display. Once we get on the same page with the details of your photography needs, we will finalize our plans and look forward to photo day!

This family session was a fun one!!! They have four kids from teen to tot and each brought their unique personality to the mix. When working with young kids, I like to remind the parents that kids tend listen to directions better from another adult involved than their own parents. And with that personal perspective, I advise parents that if they stay on point with their happy face.... I will interact with the kiddos and most of the time, I am able to divert the little ones attention to something fun and capture just the kid of smiles Mom and Dad are hoping for.

If you are curious what to expect of a family session with your bunch, call me!! I'd love to hear about your people's personalities and come up with some fun ways to capture your crew.

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