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Black and White Senior Photos

Black and white portrait photography is some of the most compelling works of art in my opinion. The color is removed and you are left with emotion and eye catching contrast. There are some images that deserve to be black and white… that have extra oomph when they are seen in monochrome. I may be a bit bias though. I started my photography journey in the darkroom where the only option was to perfect your blacks and whites. When I was introduced to a digital camera in 2006, I became obsessed with bold colors..... and I still am that way today. But there is just something about a black and white portrait that makes me look just a tad longer and wonder just a tad more about the subject of the photo.

Before a senior photo session, I ask a boat load of questions in order to find out what the high school senior likes and what the mom and dad like. Most say they want images that capture their son or daughter’s personality, a smile, a quirky move or habit, a special location or hobby. And its then my job to create those moments during our session to capture those unique things that make them so dang awesome. And for me, being intentional during out session to create a few images with stark contrast that draws your attention straight to the person and nothing else. Black and white portraits give that extra punch to some photos and creates a powerful portrait you can fell from.

Whether you ask for black and white senior photos or not, with me as your senior photographer…. I will most certainly deliver some. If you love them, yay!!!! If that's not your thing.... just move right along to those bold, crips colorful portraits!


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